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Adventure & Leisure Holiday in Nepal

Mt. Everest Nepal Nepal FlageNepal is a country of high Himalayan Mountains, artistic monuments, exotic wildlife, and diverse cultures. It is the land where Lord Buddha was born over 2,500 years ago. The country covers an area of 147,181 square kilometers, and stretches 145-241 kilometers north to south and 850 kilometers west to east and is located between India in the South and China in the North.

Nepal is primarily an agricultural country. Tourism, carpets and garments are major industries. Tucked away between India and the Tibetan Plateau, Nepal is dominated by the towering Himalayas - a majestic range of snowy giants standing guard over the stunning beauty of our country.

Bhaktpur, NepalThanks to these huge mountains, Nepal enjoys the widest range of altitude of any country in the world. Altitudes vary from as little as 70m on the Terai plains to Mount Everest's colossal peak at 8848m. As a result, our vegetation zones include tropical, subtropical, temperate and alpine areas.

In these diverse natural environments an incredible range of flora and fauna flourish, attracting nature lovers all year round. Nepal is an ornithologist's paradise, with over 800 species of birds, including storks, pheasants, cuckoos and enormous birds of prey.

one horned rhino nepalFor those who prefer larger animals, a visit to one of the National Parks could reward you with a sighting of our famous royal Bengal tigers, bears or one horned rhino. You do not have to go far to see the monkeys, many of whom live side by side with the residents of towns and villages!

Neither do you need to go to a museum to find evidence of Nepal's long and fascinating history: it's all around you in the towns and villages that dot the Kathmandu valley and lie hidden in the mountain ranges. Villages where everyday life still follows long established traditions, and where time almost seems to have stood still.

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For more details information with many different itinerary for your tour, treks, mountain climbing and any Adventure & Leisure Activities for Nepal please visit bellow link and if you are looking different itinerary please write us.

Trekking in Nepal PhotoNepal, also named as a Heaven on Earth is a wonder in the Himalaya. It is the Shangri-La, roof of the world, living cultural Museum, birth place of the Lord Buddha and is the country of living Goddess. Nepal offers an astonishing diversity of sightseeing attractions and adventure opportunities found nowhere else on earth. It is also known as a melting pot of Hinduism & Buddhism offering non-stop festivals throughout the year. Nowhere else on the world is found the astonishing  Read More »

Trekking in Nepal PhotoNepal offers excellent trekking options to visitors. It is a unique destination for trekking as it offers the unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural diversities from the easy walking excursions to the strenuous climb of the snowy peaks. The most rewarding way to experience Nepal's natural embellishment and cultural assortment is to walk through the length, breadth and the altitudes of the country. You can trek up to the foot of the great Himalayan ranges, such as Mt. Everest,  Read More »

Trekking Peak Climbing Nepal, Expedition in Nepal, Nepal Mountain Expedition, Nepal Peak Expedition, Nepal MountaineeringNepal having 1310 Himalayan peaks over 6000 meters offers joys of mountaineering in Nepal which can be combined with the pleasure of Trekking & Expedition. Trekking Peak Climbing is one of the most popular and successful adventure programs for among the adventure lovers of the world. To make this program more friendly and successful, there are more than 30 minor trekking peaks open for Alpine climbing under Nepal Mountaineering Association. The climbing of these peaks are  Read More »

Mountain Expeditions Mountaneering Nepal, Expedition in Nepal, Nepal Mountain Expedition, Nepal Peak Expedition, Nepal MountaineeringWith eight of the world's 14 peaks over (8000m), Nepal has been the focus of some of the most outstanding achievements in the world of high altitude mountaineering. (Those outside Nepal are K2 (8611m), Nanga Parbat (8125m) Gasherbrum I (8068m), Gasherbrum II (8035m) and Broad Peak (8047m) in Pakistan, and Shisha Pangma (8013m) in Tibet). It has a convergence of 1310 magnificent peaks over 6,000 metres. Nepal has become famous through out  Read More »

Mountain Biking NepalIn the shade of the trans-Himalayan ranges! The breeze on your air, an off-beat trail, and the sense of adventure that comes with being on your own. Yes! That?s the thrill of mountain biking in Nepal. With challenging mountain roads that climb up to spectacular views, and adrenaline pumping descents, with quaint villages off the main roads, Nepal is virtually a paradise waiting to be discovered on your mountain bike. Nepal is the world's number one adventure playground for mountain bikers  Read More »

Business to Business NepalNepal, a land gifted by the nature with most of its spectacular attributes. This country owns so many natural resources that are already scarce in many parts of the world. Find out about business culture, practices, protocol, customs and business etiquette in Nepal. Learn about doing business in Nepal, commerce, marketing, corporate structure, negotiating, establishing connections and finding your partner. Receive latest information on Nepal business organization, ...  Read More »

Wildlife Safari Photo, NepalFor those who wish to experience the natural environment at its best there is no better place to visit than Nepal. Nepal is a country of exceptional biodiversity and a beautiful natural environment. The tropical jungles of the Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitat in the subcontinent. The mountainous country also shelters some of the world's most rare animals. Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) National Park and Royal Chitwan National Park with typical natural, cultural and landscape  Read More »

Meeting Incentive Convention Event - MICE TOurism NepalNepal is one destination that will fire up the imagination of your delegates. Some curious, some incredulous, some a little nervous, some still ambivalent but for once, you are going to bring excitement that will turn men and women into boys and girls. Nepal offers a vast range of hotels, convention centers and conference facilities, from small to big for a perfect selling. Katmandu offers a wide choice of conference centres. Besides the conference facilities at the five star hotels, there are alternatives  Read More »

Nepal White Water PhotoNepal has earned the reputation of one of the best destinations for white water rafting. The snow fed crystal clear mighty Himalayan rivers flowing towards the Bay of Bengal are the most attractive and exciting destinations for river rafting in the various locations of this Himalayan kingdom. Cruising down rushing rivers of crashing waves and swirling rapids can make up excitement of a lifetime. Rivers here are regarded as goddesses, and are included in a number of Hindu and Buddhist  Read More »

Butterfly Tour in NepalNepal houses excellent representation of butterflies found both in Oriental and Palaearctic realms. The total diversity of butterfly reported so far comprises about 650 species out of 20000 species found in the world. All these species are categorized under 11 families of the existing 15 families in the world. About 29 species and subspecies have been found endemic to the country. Himalayan and Mountain species: Butterflies have been found thriving at the maximum altitudinal level  Read More »

Service Apartments, Bungalow & Self Apartments in Kathmandu Valley & NepalWe offer high quality, fully furnished dwellings with a unique interior finish apartments in Kathmandu, Patan and all over Nepal. You can write us for rates and make reservation online. When you are looking for a place to call home whilst you are away on vacation, company training or a business assignment, a serviced apartment could be just the place to stay. Consider the following factors to ensure you find the right serviced apartment: This page details the largest choice of serviced apartments  Read More »

Buddhist Circuit Religious Tours Nepal & IndiaSiddhartha Gautam, the prince was born in the Kingdom in Nepal who later found the enlightenment in India and came to be known as Gautam Buddha. Beautiful Buddhist monasteries and stupas over the relics have become an inseparable part of Nepalese & Indian art, culture and architecture. Nalanda was once a world center for Buddhism and its philosophy until it disappeared suddenly in 13th century except for the small kingdoms in the hilly tracts. Early 20th century saw  Read More »

Homestay Paying Guest In NepalThe Home stay program allows visitors to Nepal to stay with Nepalese family. The Home stay participant lives with the family -- sleeping in a Nepali home, taking their meals with the family, and maybe even touring the city or celebrating a holiday or birthday with them. The program provides a unique opportunity to learn about Nepali culture, make new friends and extended family, and provide direct assistance to the Nepali people, many of whom are saving for their children's future education ...  Read More »

Hindu Pilgrims Tour NepalThere are three kinds of Hindu Pilgrimages in Nepal for 1: LORD SHIVA 2: LORD VISHNU & 3: MA SHAKTI. According to Purans Himalaya is home of Lord Shiva and Parbati. Hence there are many Pilgrimage sites related to Lord Shiva in Nepal. Pashupati Nath Temple is the Holiest pilgrimage of Lord Shiva. Mt. Kailash is the mountain of Lord Shiva and it is considered holiest of all holy mountains. Mt. Kailash is in Tibet near Nepal Tibet border. A mountain with a Temple on its top is  Read More »

Shamanism & Pananism Tour Nepal Pananism & Saninism are widely practiced in Hills & Terai regions. Performance of Jhankariby beating drums & swallowing fire to drive away the evil spirits is spectacular to watch. Sex and Drugs may be the bane of youth, but they are two legs of the Primordial Religion known as Tantra. Tantra is a movement that transcends sectarianism. It is found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Shamanism, the three principal religions of Nepal. We will be "participant-observers" of all three of these traditions  Read More »

Yoga, meditation NepalSo many travelers come to Nepal for meditation, yoga, astrology, retreats and to merge with the mighty Himalayas. Activities are mainly centered around the Kathmandu Valley, though Pokhara is becoming popular with more options becoming available. The following gives you a guideline of different spiritual activities and natural healing in Nepal. When you come to Nepal you can find lots of advertising for courses, study and activities on the following topics. Yoga = 'Unity', 'Oneness  Read More »

Educational and Research in NepalIf individuals, colleges and Universities want to conduct research on various tours. Adventure Silk Road Inc. will materialize your research objectives in Nepal. Adventure Silk Road Inc. Provide the full depth information and guidelines for the research organization or university research team /individual group /peer groups about Geology, Environment, Bio-diversity, Hydropower, Film industry sector, tourism, Wildlife, Caves, Agriculture, Consulting firm etc. We provide the necessary information  Read More »

Survival Tourism NepalThe word survival is a very ambiguous one, and connotes a wide variety of meanings and associated skills. The skills that are being offered in the ensuing course are those of a traditional woodsman travelling and living in the northern wilds. The daily use of these skills will be facilitated by learning them in a progressive manner during the course of the canoe trip. Travel will be in the Nepal mountain forest area where we will be surrounded by imposing white peaks of mountain  Read More »

Botanical Tour NepalSince ancient times, the people of Nepal have depended upon plants and plant products as a mainstay of everyday life. Today, almost 90% of Nepalese rely on subsistence agriculture,  with plants performing a vital role as arable crops, fodder, fruit and vegetables, fuel, building materials and medicines. Nepal is a multiethnic and multilingual country, with more than 60 different ethnic groups speaking about 75 languages. As one would expect, associated with this is a great  Read More »

Honeymoon Tour Nepal, Honeymoon Holiday in NepalSo you're engaged...congratulations! One of the most fun parts about getting married is the planning that you could enjoy the honeymoon trip of a lifetime. And if you haven't even narrowed it down to a country, much less an island or a resort, or an exotic destination, don't worry-many (if not most!) honeymoon couples are in the same boat. Some couples start by leafing through travel or bridal magazines and looking for pictures that are appealing and romantic-you can do this, But in this way you are  Read More »

Bird Watching NepalNepal, unlike any parts of the world is considered as a paradise for birds lovers and ornithologists. Nepal only accomodates more than 848 species of the birds in the world. It is more than 8% of the worlds total. The Kathmandu valley and the surroundings, which has historic as well as the cultural value has almost 500 species are found. The major sites popular for birdwatching could be counted as Shivpuri Conservation Area, Nagarkot, Phulchoki Area, Godavari Area,   Read More »

Village Tourism NepalVillage tourism has been emerged as a very new cocept in the Nepalese tourism industry. Nepal is normally popular in the world for the adventure travel, white water rafting and great jungle safari, staying at the specially built resorts or the self pitched tents. A brand new concept of village tourism where the guests - YOU would be taken to the carefully picked up village where you would be given the chances to know the local people, their culture by allowing them to stay on one of the   Read More »

Golf Tour Nepal - Gokarna Forest Golf Resort & Royal Nepal Golf Club in Kathmandu, Yeti Golf Course At Fulbari Resort and Spa & Himalayan Golf Club in Pokhara, Nirvana Country Club in DharanNepal may not be remembered only for trekking, hiking adventures. Nepal is also an ideal destination for golfers. We have some famous golf courses that provides excellent opportunity to play in the tranquil natural beauty and in the back drop of spectacular Himalayan panorama. Here you have some info about our golf courses and a suggested itinerary for golfing tour in Nepal. Some of the the world?s most spectacular golf courses await you in Nepal. Lead architect  Read More »

Wild Animals Hunting Tour in NepalIn this ecological awakening age hunting seems quite contradictory but Nepal has been a favored ground for hunters since 9th century. In the Himalayan Kingdom, controlled hunting is allowed with proper license and certain seasons of the year. Hunting license is issued by the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu and there are a few hunting outfitters who can make arrangements. The organized hunting parties trek or fly (helicopter) into the high  Read More »

Helicopter Tour NepalIn Nepal, going to remote corners of the Himalaya by helicopter is a pleasurable and exciting activity. There are three types of helicopters currently operating in the private sector. The most frequently seen is the powerful Russian-made MI-17. This is a big bird, capable of transporting four tons of cargo and can reach altitudes well in excess of 5,000 m. The other craft are the smaller and more maneuverable French-made Ecureuil AS350B series and the Kawasaki BK 117. They are  Read More »

Child Adoption from NepalAdoption is an age old phenomenon in Nepal . This is the site which gives you right information about child adoption in Nepal . This site is open for your help for those who want to child adopt from Nepal and for those foreign organization who want to begin child adoption from Nepal. Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. Almost 60% of the population lives under the poverty line. Due to extreme poverty, in most of the cases, the babies are abandoned by their  Read More »

Filming Tourism NepalNatural Beauty and rich of Himalaya country Nepal, well known as the land of the highest peak, for others as the birth place of Apostle of peace ? Lord Buddha, land of brave gorkhas, living cultural museum of the World is also acknowledged as an ultimate destination of Mysticism and Exoticism. Nepal is well recognized for all the beauties it possesses within its territory. It has a wide range of variations to offer to the natural, cultural, heritage and adventure lovers. Who are seeking the  Read More »

Traditional Wedding NepalWedding customs in Nepal vary according to ethnic groups and castes. Especially country like Nepal, have different kinds of wedding ceremonies because we have varieties of cast and creeds. Weddings in the metropolitans have parades or car for the wedding processions; full fledged band instruments such as trumpets and trombones, ferry lights all over the house which is naturally more expenses. These weddings are completely different from the traditional remote   Read More »

Eco Tour Nepal, Eco Tours in Nepal, Eco Tourism in NepalThere is increasing concern regarding the importance of ecological aspect in tourism promotion, particularly in the sphere of vacation tourism. Major tour operators feel that the holiday tourists are inclined to demand increasingly more perfect environment without any extra cost for it. Greater number of new generation tourists are not attracted by these green displays any more. Many factors such as ' tranquil place up in the Himalayas,' 'ancient unspoilt culture in the midst of unpolluted  Read More »

Sport Tourism NepalNepal is also popular  for Sport  tourism such as golfing in Kathmandu, paraglading in Pokhara and Marathon Sky Race in the mountain region, Mountain Bike and Motor cycle tours, Everest Marathon Race, Elephant Polo, International Elephent Race Comptition, White Water Rafting Comptition, Canoing Comptition etc. Adventure Silk Road Inc has been in tourism business since more then two decades specializing in Nature, Culture and Adventure Sports Tourism in Nepal. With the   Read More »

Paragliding Photo, NepalWhether you choose to balloon, bungy jump, canyon, ice-climb, rock climb, climb trekking peaks, fly over mountains or fly an ultralight, you will find an adventure everyday in Nepal. The Himalayas have long since held a mysterious attraction to travelers and trekkers alike. In recent years, there has been a surge of extreme sports to the small Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Now, in this part of the world, you can experience some of the most physically and mentally challenging action sports  Read More »

Flight Reservation, NepalThe Royal Nepal Airlines and other domestic airlines operate an extensive network of air service in the interior parts of Nepal. Major domestic carriers besides Royal Nepal airlines operating in the Nepali skies includes Cosmic Air, Yeti Airways, Buddha Air, Gorkha Airlines, Agni Air and Shangri-La Air. All privately owned and operate. With our well equipped ticketing staffs, we are always in the position of reserving and issuing the tickets to any of the domestic region of the country   Read More »

Fishing Tour Nepal, Fishing Nepal, Wild Fish Fishing in NepalIf you have plenty of time and loads of patient then Angling or Fishing could be a very interesting sport for you. Fishing is an Eco-friendly sport which require great patient and lots of time. This sport would not suite for those who are out of patience when they loose a fish or get tired while waiting for their catch. Nepal, the world's second rich country in the water resources having numbers of rivers and lakes, is an ideal location for pleasure of fishing and angling. There are some specific  Read More »

Motorbike Tour NepalA Motorbike Tour that puts you at ease with not much taxation to challenge yourself - here is an experience - the serpentine roads keep you wondering as to what is next road bend like, but at the same time metalled road condition keep the bike moving at a regular pace with the cold breeze of the spring & autumn season relaxing us. This motorbike tour is for people looking for an insight into the rural life of India with a great view of the evergreen forests of the Lower Himalayas & beautiful  Read More »

Hotel Reservation, NepalWe are here to render information you would like to know. We provide basic information of accommodation status in the Himalayan country of Nepal to the entire traveler's & concerned. Such information is I hereby rendered in a database format. The hotels and resorts listed in the database are all registered in Nepalese Government. The database includes the description of the hotel and its facilities, services, tariff & their star categories. This will enable you to choose the accommodation  Read More »

Volunteer Work  in NepalWe provide Nepali culture and training for foreign volunteers who wish to render their services to Nepal. We send trained volunteers to schools and communities to generate awareness regarding environmental issues, sanitation, income generating initiatives, teaching English and health care. The volunteer program is available to individuals or to groups of up to 35 people. Placements range from two weeks to five months. We also focusing on school groups, university students,   Read More »

Agriculture Tour NepalAgriculture dominated the economy. In the late 1980s, it was the livelihood for more than 90 percent of the population--although only approximately 20 percent of the total land area was cultivable--and accounted for, on average, about 60 percent of the GDP and approximately 75 percent of exports. Since the formulation of the Fifth Five-Year Plan (1975-80), agriculture has been the highest priority because economic growth was dependent on both increasing the productivity of  Read More »

Rent A Car Photo, NepalWhether your auto rental is for business or pleasure, always remember that having the right car for the same makes a lot of difference. Rent-A-Car have emerged keeping in the mind about the same. Rent-A-Car, Nepal is one of the largest rental car arranger in Nepal having own fleet of vehicles of all types with the wide network throughout the kingdom of Nepal. We are the only one arranger in the town with great selection of vehicles of different types available in the local market. Our car  Read More »

Special Interest ToursRecorded history of Nepal begins with the Lichhavi who came to power in 400 AD. With them the nation began to prosper in art, culture, painting, architecture and sculptures. The Malls who succeeded them gave a new turn to this prosperity by transforming the small Kingdoms of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur into "open air museum of Art and Architecture". Centuries later the Democratic Revolution of 1951 AD, marked a new era in Nepalese Tourism. The gates of Nepal were  Read More »

International Flight Reservation, NepalThere are numbers of major international airlines connecting this beautiful country to rest of the world. Nepal has only one international airport, which is named as Tribhuwan International Airport & is at Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Nepal is connected to outside world by the direct flights from Europe such as London, Paris, and Munich. Asian Destinations to Doha, Dubai, Dhaka, Paro, Lhasa, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Osaka. Karachi and Indian sectors to  Read More »

Austrian AirlinesFlight schedule may change without prior notice, every guest of Abode Asia Tours & Travels Inc.are requested to consult with your travel agents or nearest airline offices. Transavia flight are temporarily halted form 16th April to 7th October 2003 and the flight will be resumed once in a week by the name of Martin air from October 8, 2003. The schedule is yet not confirmed. For more details information about Domestic & International Flight Information and Flight Reservation for Nepal please contact us  Read More »

Nepal Place to VisitThere are many beautiful and interesting places to visit outside the Kathmandu Valley. The places are full of history and historical remains and are remarkable for their beauties. Most of the places can be easily reached from Kathmandu by road or by air. High in the Himalayan Mountains lies the small Kingdom of Nepal, with its lofty mountains, deep valleys, lush jungles, exotic wildlife and diverse peoples. Mostly known as the Land of Everest? or the ?Birthplace of the Lord Buddha, Nepal has  Read More »

Nepal Festival PhotoNepal is a land of Festivals. For the Nepalese, festivals are not merely the annual spectacles, but also are a living part of their rich cultural heritage. Festivals effectively bind together the Nepalese people of diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs into one nation. There are more than 50 major festivals in a year celebrated by Nepalese. Although most of these festivals are religious some have historical significance, while others are seasonal celebrations. Most Nepalese festivals are related  Read More »

Help Nepal & PeopleNepal is among the poorest countries in the world like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Gambia, Haiti, Uganda, Tanzania, Vanuatu, Yemen, and Zambia. Nepal's annual economic growth rate is less than 2 percent. According to CIA World Fact book, March 2005, Nepal is the 48th poorest country in the world. Nepal borders China (Tibet) to the north and is surrounded by India on its other borders. Only 21% of the country is under cultivation. Nepal is a land-locked country located  Read More »

General Informational of NepalNepal is a country of high Himalayan Mountains, artistic monuments, exotic wildlife, and diverse cultures. It is the land where Lord Buddha was born over 2,500 years ago. The country covers an area of 147,181 square kilometers, and stretches 145-241 kilometers north to south and 850 kilometers west to east and is located between India in the South and China in the North. Nepal is primarily an agricultural country. Tourism, carpets and garments are major industries. Tucked away  Read More »
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About Adventure Silk Road Inc., KathmanduAdventure Silk Road group Inc. has since its creation in 1985 been striving to open up the remote areas of Nepal to visitorss whilst providing them with the best possible value of money. we boast to be the pioneer adventure and leisure Travel Company based in the Himalayan Kingdom Nepal running business for more than 20 years. We have helped uncountable visitors with their travel/tour needs inside Nepal as well as to the different parts of the Himalayan regions - Tibet & Bhutan  Read More »
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