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Wild Hunting Games In Mongolia

In this ecological awakening age hunting seems quite contradictory but Mongolia has been a favored ground for hunters since 9th century. Hunting and fishing in the land of Chinggis Khan is an authentic adventure and a great challenge for the sportsmen's lifetime. Situated between Russia and China, Mongolia is a country of endless hunting possibilities. Enjoy hunting Siberian Ibex and Argali Sheep, the world's largest wild sheep, in the majestic High Altai Mountains. Stalk and enjoy getting a monster Mongolian Elk in the Hentii, Hangai and Altai Mountains or hunt the famous Gobi Desert for a Gobi sheep, ibex and gazelle.

Experience landing for taimen salmon and rainbow trout from the crystal clear rivers and lakes or admire upland birdshooting. Experience mysterious deserts, endless steppe - land, majestic snow caped mountains, crystal clear lakes and ever green forests. Discover the land of nomadic horsemen, the land of traditional and culture dating to the time of Chinggis Khan. Relatively unchanged for centuries, Mongolia has one of the last remaining horse - based nomadic culture in the world. Mongolians are the famous for their hospitality and ancient love for hunting and outdoor life. Mongolia was one of the first Asian countries to open for international sport hunting and successfully managed to maintain balanced trophy hunting as well as wildlife conservation programs in this unspoiled land where the wildlife has remained intact and abundant for the centuries. Approximately size of Western Europe, Mongolia has set aside 11 percent of it's territory into system of protected areas. This commitment provides habitat for plant and animal species which have all but disappeared from the rest of the continent. The Mongolian Government has planned to increase the system of protected areas to 18 percent of the country, which will make Mongolia the largest national park system in the world. To a huge contrast to congested Asian countries, only 2,5 million people reside in Mongolia resulting in one of the lowest population densities in the world.

Mongolia is an excellent hunting destination. You, the experienced hunter, will have to come once in your life to Mongolia and hunt the Mongolian steppes, deserts or mountains. Gobi Ibex inhabits Gobi desert, the coldest and farthest north of all deserts. Gobi desert is an arid, high plateau located in Mongolia and China and surrounded by mountain ranges. Other big game species are Gobi Argali, White-tailed and Black-tailed Gazelle, Wolf.  The average length of the horns is 35 - 38 inches / 88-100 cm. The horns are slimmer and shorter than those of the Altai and Mid-Asian Ibex. General color is pale brown without a lighter saddle. This hunting can be nicely combined with the White-tailed Gazelle.

Bagging the Argali of Altai Mountains is the greatest dream of all sheep hunters. Legendary animal, praised in many books of avid hunters of the past (like by Elim Demidoff, Prince San Donato in his "After Wild Sheep In the Altai and Mongolia") and present (by Mr. Ricardo Medem, in his "Argali - High Mountain Hunting") alike, Altai Argali is the crown jewel of Sheep Hunter’s trophy rooms around the globe. Altai Argali is the biggest wild sheep in the world and without doubt the most beautiful and impressive of all wild sheep. Beside Altai Argali Mongolian Mountains offer magnificent Khangai and Gobi Argalis. We’ve been arranging these classic sheep hunts in the High Altai Mountains, the Khangai Mountains and the Gobi Altai Mountain areas since 1964. Our exclusive hunting packages have been tailored for the needs of the finest sheep hunters of the world. Our high success rate for trophies of the best quality is legendary.

The Mongolian Maral Elk is similar to the Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis nesoni). It has been estimated that Mongolia has the largest population of Maral Elk in Asia and produces good trophy values. Hunting season: September 1 - December 31. Average trophy measurement scores 320 - 360 scores with points 6x6. The late season or winter hunts, offers the advantage of increased visibility and game is concentrated on winter ranges, when the bulls once again come together.

We are offering bellow hunting games in Mongolia: 
  • Altai Argali
  • Altai Ibex
  • Roe Deer
  • Gazella Subgutturosa
  • White Tailed Gazelle - Procapra Gutturosa
  • Sus Scrofa
  • Wolf - Canis Lupus
  • Waterfowl Birds - Gooses, Ducs ...Ets
  • Forest Birds - Wood Grouse, Hazel , Black Grouse Partridge
Altai Argali
Hunting Season: July.20 - October.31
Average trophy: 52-56 inches in lenght and 15-18 inches in base circumference

Altai ibex
Capra sibirica
Hunting Season: June.1 - November.15
Average trophy: 40 - 45 inches in lenght

Roe deer
Hunting Season: September.1 - December.31
Average trophy: Mostly hunted in combination with elk.  Black tailed Gazelle

Gazella subgutturosa
Hunting Season: September.1 - December.31
Average trophy: 10 - 13 inches in length
White tailed Gazelle - Procapra gutturosa
Hunting Season: September.1 - December.31
Average trophy: 8 - 11 inches in lenght   Whild boar

Sus scrofa
Hunting Season: September.1 - December.31
Average trophy: Mostly hunted in combination with elk. 
Wolf - Canis lupus
Hunting Season: All round year 

Waterfowl birds - Gooses, Ducs, ...ets
Hunting Season: April.10 - May.01, September.01 - October.30 
Forest birds - Wood grouse, Hazel , Black grouse partridge
Hunting Season: March.01 - March.15, September.01 - November.15

For fees and other details please contact us. For more details information about Hunting Tour in Mongolia please  Contact Us
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