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Adventure & Leisure Holiday in Bhutan

Monastery of BhutanBhutan FlageBhutan is situated in the Eastern Himalayas of southern Central Asia and is bordered on the north and Northwest by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and to the west, southwest, south and east with Indian states of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked nation in the Himalaya Mountains, sandwiched between India and China in South Asia. The Bhutanese call their country Druk Yul (land of the thunder dragon). Historically Bhutan was known by many names, such as Lho Mon (southern land of darkness), Lho Tsendenjong (southern land of the Tsenden cypress), and Lhomen Khazhi (southern land of four approaches). The origins of the name Bhutan are unclear; historians have suggested that it may have originated in variations of the Sanskrit words Bhota-ant (the end of Bhot – another word for Tibet, which Bhutan is immediately south of), or Bhu-uttan (highlands). The word Bhutan as a name for the country dates from the late 19th century.

BhutanPalace of BhutanBhutan is one of the most isolated and least developed nations in the world. Nonetheless, survey data from the country suggest it is also one of the happiest (see the section on the Economy). Foreign influences and tourism are heavily regulated by the government to preserve the country's traditional culture and national identity. The landscape ranges from subtropical plains in the south to the Himalayan heights in the north, with some peaks exceeding seven thousand metres. Vajrayana Buddhism is the state religion and the population is predominantly Buddhist, with Hinduism being the second most dominant. Thimphu is the capital and largest city.

Temple of BhutanBhutan is the last unspoiled Himalayan kingdom often known as Shangri-La. For a country of its size, Bhutan is a land of spectacular contrasts and stunning beauty. It was the mighty Himalayas, which protected Bhutan from the rest of the world and left the kingdom blissfully untouched. The Drukpa Kagyu School of Mahayana Buddhism provided the essence of a rich culture and a fascinating history. The Bhutanese people protected this sacred heritage and unique identity for centuries by choosing to remain shrouded deeply in a jealously guarded isolation.

Because of a deep traditional reverence that the Bhutanese have for nature, the kingdom is one of the leading countries in environmental preservation. Bhutan is also the Champions of The Earth Award 2005 from the United Nations Environment Programme. More than 65 per cent of the land area is still under forest cover. Its rich Himalayan flora and fauna, dazzling white peaks and lush valleys provide Bhutan's stunning beauty and aesthetic grandeur. It is often said that even the most experienced traveler will find Bhutan to be 'a revelation'. Bhutan is perhaps the only nation in the world where billboards and tobacco are banned.

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Tours in Bhutan Bhutan is situated in the Eastern Himalayas of southern Central Asia and is bordered on the north and Northwest by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and to the west, southwest, south and east with Indian states of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Bhutan is a landlocked mountain kingdom roughly the size of Switzerland, in the eastern Himalayas. With a population of 7,500,000 spread over 46,000 sq km. Bhutan is the last unspoiled Himalayan kingdom often  Read More »

Bhutan TrekkingNo one seems to know exactly the meaning of the word Bhutan but it is believed that it is derived from `Bhot' which is the name given by Tibetans to their own country and `Tan' which is a corruption of the word `stan' meaning Land. The Bhutanese however prefer to call their country `Druk-Yul' which means `The Land of the Dragon'. Bhutan is renowned for its undiluted cultures and unspoiled natural wonders. Bhutan's past is still its present. The term trekking is traditionally applied  Read More »

Bicycle TourBhutan's mountainous terrain's offer a fascinating adventure for bicycling enthusiast. The route along Bhutan's West-East Highways (approx. 600kms) is an exciting route with challenges of surmounting a new pass over 3000 meters every day. The highways winding up an shown mountains with drops of thousand of feet keep one too high an adrenaline to feel the slightest pinch of monotony. As one progress along the route, there is a discernible change in the flora and temperature  Read More »

Rafting in BhutanBhutan is located east of Nepal, south of Tibet and north of India. Two major river systems have carved deep gorges and created vastly untouched natural environments. Rivers are fed by monsoons and the snow run-off of the Himalayas. Thanks to the national religion of Vajrayana Buddhism, which honors nature and the sanctity of life, Bhutan's forests and wildlife remain pristine and intact. The country boasts a 64% forest cover. Paddling the whitewater of Bhutan will  Read More »

Filming in BhutanThe photography opportunities on a trip are immense. Photography is permitted nearly everywhere in Bhutan and the local population has no aversion to being photographed. If you wish to record the local population, their houses, shops etc, always ask by gestures if it is okay to do so. Photography inside the Dzongs and Monasteries are not permitted. Please follow your guide's instruction carefully while visiting Dzongs, monasteries and religious institution. Of late, the Royal  Read More »

Fishing in BhutanBhutan is one of the last unexplored fishing destinations in the world. For centuries, with its back turned to the outside world, Bhutan had remained a mystery. You will experience the unique joy of fishing in Bhutan, in which beautiful trout streams, mountain vistas, and cultural scenes from 8th century intermingle. All our fishing trips offer a creative combination of fishing in the best areas and cultural activities. To organize a trip for only fishing would be a mistake. With its ancient culture, mystical  Read More »

Bird Watching Tour & Treks in BhutanBhutan to exclusively specialize in birding tours. Whether you are an ornithologist, a naturalist, a casual birder, or a bird photographer, Bhutan Adenture Silk Road has the ability to cater to all your birding interests. Bring your binoculars and let Adenture Silk Road organize your bird watching tours to the Kingdom of Bhutan - where the White-bellied Heron feeds by the Pho-chu river; where the Black-necked Cranes spend their winters in the high mountain valleys scattered throughout central  Read More »

Botanical Tour & Treks in Bhutan Bhutan is as individual as a country can be; it is a land of boundless and beautiful forests. If the natural history of this small mountain kingdom is as yet little known, we do know that its unspoiled forests and valleys hold the best of the great variety of flowers and birds for which the eastern Himalaya is famous. This holiday focuses on Bhutan's fabulous flora with most time spending on a nine-day trek below the great peak of Jhomolhari. To enjoy seeing the best of Bhutan's flora, one has   Read More »

Golf Tour In BhutanBhutan may not be remembered only for trekking, hiking adventures tour. Bhutan is also an ideal destination for golfers. We have some golf courses that provides excellent opportunity to play in the tranquil natural beauty and in the back drop of spectacular Himalayan panorama. Here you have some info about our golf courses and a suggested itinerary for golfing tour in Bhutan. while the lofty Himalayas will be keeping your score, you will feel all the worlds above and below ...  Read More »

MICE Tourism In BhutanBhutan is one destination that will fire up the imagination of your delegates. Some curious, some incredulous, some a little nervous, some still ambivalent but for once, you are going to bring excitement that will turn men and women into boys and girls. Finding Convention Centers in Bhutan can be quite time consuming. At, we provide you with an easy to use, efficient means of searching for event planning resources for Convention Centers, all in a manner of  ...  Read More »

Yoga Meditation Tour In BhutanBhutan is the abode of gods & the home to the immortals in the Himalayas. Apart from the majesty & grandeur of the natural surroundings, it has a special environment where communion with the divine is possible through contemplation and meditation. And so since time immemorial, ascetics, scholars, philosophers & pilgrim have been drawn irresistibly to these remote and rugged mountains in their personal search for wisdom, inspiration, solitude & happiness. Over the centuries ...  Read More »

Traditional Wedding In BhutanWeddings in the metropolitans have parades or car for the wedding processions; full fledged band instruments such as trumpets and trombones, ferry lights all over the house which is naturally more expenses. These weddings are completely different from the traditional remote village weddings. They are very simple for very rich in culture. A Bhutanese Wedding is much more than a simple exchange of vows and rings. It includes a number of relegious rites performed by Buddhist ...  Read More »

Butterflies Tour In BhutanMost butterfly species, however, are found in tropical areas, especially tropical rainforests. Many butterflies migrate in order to avoid adverse environmental conditions (like cold weather). Butterfly migration is not well understood. There are 800 to 900 suspected butterfly species in Bhutan, an exceptionally high number for a small country. Such a degree of biodiversity is attributable to the wide range of habitats found in the mountainous terrain together with the people's ...  Read More »

Hotels in BhutanHotels Vary in style and quality but are generally considered one of the welcome surprises for visitors. There is a variety of hotels in Bhutan, ranging from simple huts that cater to Bhutanese yak herders to Paro's fancy Olathang Hotel, which was built for royal guests. There is no International chain of hotels and not much imported hotel equipment; what you get is a Bhutanese version of what the tourists expect. In most cases, the facilities and service is good. The Tourism  Read More »

Places of Interest Bhutan is the only country in the world to retain the Vajrayana form of Mahayana Buddhism as its religion. The Buddhist faith has played a fundamental role in the cultural, ethical and sociological development of Bhutan and its people. Annual festivals (Tsechus and Dromchoes) are spiritual occasions in each district. The Dzongs, which were built in every districts in the Middle Ages as fortresses function as the centre of both religious and secular activities now a days. The district  Read More »

Festival of BhutanThe Festivals in Bhutan have reputations for being raucous, joyous affairs, but they are holy spiritual events with attendees gaining merit for the next life. At various times of the year, Bhutanese in towns and villages congregate to witness the masked dance festivals known as Tsechus. These colorful events draw thousands of locals, some of whom walk for days in order to attend. While the underlying purpose is spiritual, dances are more often like plays where good  Read More »

As far as the terrain is concern, Bhutan is similar to Sikkim and Darjeeling but that is where the similarity ends. Bhutan, with Thimphu as its capital, is an independent kingdom and a member of the UNO. Culturally and ethnically, it is also slightly distinctive, having more of a Buddhist population who speak a language called Dzonkha, which is similar to Tibetan. The Drukpa Karugpa system of Buddhism is the religion that is by and large being followed by Bhutan  Read More »

About Adventure Silk Road Inc., KathmanduAdventure Silk Road group Inc. has since its creation in 1985 been striving to open up the remote areas of Nepal to visitorss whilst providing them with the best possible value of money. we boast to be the pioneer adventure and leisure Travel Company based in the Himalayan Kingdom Nepal running business for more than 20 years. We have helped uncountable visitors with their travel/tour needs inside Nepal as well as to the different parts of the Himalayan regions - Tibet & Bhutan  Read More »
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