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Adventure & Leisure Holiday in Myanmar

Adventure & Leisure Holiday in MyanmarNational Flag of MyanmarMyanmar is the word which has long been used by its people to describe their homeland while the British called Burma. It is also known as the golden Land for the wealth of Agriculture and minerals. Myanmar with the total area of 676,577 square kilometers is the largest mainland in South East Asia.

It shares a total of 5858 km of international borders with Bangladesh and India on the Northwest, China on the Northeast, Laos on the East and Thailand on the Southeast with the total length of 2832 km of Coastlines. The Country stretches 2090 km from North to South and 925 Km from East to West at its widest points. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, a land of friendly people, a land of the million pagodas, to name a few, is rich in natural and cultural resources & it is an ideal place to experience the archeology as well as flora and fauna.

Adventure & Leisure Holiday in MyanmarThe country has a population of 53 million with 135 different ethnic groups and 8 main national races in Myanmar. Physically, Myanmar consists of seven states and seven divisions. Myanmar has a long vibrant history & began when races of Mongoloid stock from central Asia descended to the plains, probably in the mid-9th century. Thus Myanmar independence is really hard-won with the strength of the entire mass of people.

Myanmar has its own culture consists of religion, literature, dress, architecture, and painting, wood carving, martial art, handicrafts, weaving, fine arts which are all really adorable. Myanmar music is melodious, and Myanmar literature is deep and wide with its verses, poems, epics and prose. Theravada Buddhism is professed by the great majority of the people of Myanmar. About 87% of population is Buddhists, 5% are animists, 4.5% are Christian, 4% are Muslim and 1.5% is Hindu.

Myanmar has three seasons: the rainy, the cold and the hot seasons. The rainy season is from May to mid October. Average temperature will be 25-30 C. The cold season is from November to January. Average temperature will be 20-24 C. The hot season is from February to April. Average temperature will be 30-35 C.

Tours In MyanmarMyanmar is One of the most interesting countries to explore in Asia. In a very sense, travel to Myanmar is not only a voyage into a different geographic region, but also very similar to traveling back in time. We have an excellent range of Myanmar travel packages and tours to suit your interests and budget. For your next Myanmar vacation, Shan Yoma Travel & Tours, a well established and authorized Myanmar Tour Operator, is standing by to assist you. Myanmar, an Exotic Travel Destination, ...  Read More »

Trekking  in Myanmar Trekking can be done in many places in Myanmar especially in the mountainous region of Myanmar (Burma). Visitors have the opportunities to go and visit the tribal villages around Natma Taung (Mt. Victoria) in the Chin State , Northern western Myanmar, around the Inle lake, Pindaya or Kalaw in and around Kyaing Tong (Keng Tung), eastern Myanmar. Visitors can not only enjoy the scenery but also interact with the villagers .Chin villages around Natma Taung (Mt.Victoria) are not ...   Read More »

Mountain Climbing-Expedition In MyanmarMost of Myanmar's snow-capped mountains are located within the state of Kachin, either near the borders of China or India. Gateway to the Myanmar Himalayas is Putao and travelers will prepare food, porter and other necessary things here. It takes around 2 weeks, to the last human habitation Taphungdan village at the foot of Mt. Hkakaborazi, the highest point in the southeast Asia. And it may take 5 days from Taphungdan village to the base camp for Mt. Hkakaborazi. It may ...  Read More »

Moutain Biking In MyanmarWe could arrange Moutain biking in Myanmar Himalaya regions from half to five days or more.  3-4 day mountain biking trips could be an ideal alternative to village trekkings. You could choose to cycle along the rivers through fields, jungles, mountain roads and villages where you could meet different tribes of Myanmar Himalaya (Tai Hkamhti or Hkamhti Shan, RaWang, LeSu, LeShaw, Kachin, etc...) or elephant plaughings.  Accommodations are at local villages houses or ...  Read More »

Wildlife Safari In MyanmarCommonly found in Myanmar's jungles are tigers and leopards.  In Upper Myanmar's highlands, the elephant, rhinoceros, wild buffalo, wild boar can be found as well as many species of deer and antelope.  As forests cover over 40 percent of Myanmar, it's not surprising there are animals that live and thrive in them. Myanmar has over half of the remaining closed-canopy forest in mainland Southeast Asia. Having a wide range of habitats and ecosystems, it has one of the highest biodiversity ...  Read More »

Homestay Paying Guest In MyanmarWelcome to Homestay facilities in Myanmar. We will shortly be adding more Homestay families and houses for your stay in Myanmar.  This is not only a cheap travel plan but also a cultural experience.  A region of many similarities as well as distinct differences, Southeast Asia undoubtedly offers some of the most exciting travel destinations. A wide range of activities & unique sights can all be had in this part of Asia. A homestay is similar in concept to that of a bed & breakfast. Guests ...  Read More »

Hotel Reservation In MyanmarWe are here to render information you would like to know. We provide basic information of accommodation status in the Kingdom of Myanmar. Silk Road Group will provide quality services of hotel reservation in Myanmar and will make the trip valuable and enjoyable. Just let us know what you are looking for Silk Road Group will suggest the most suitable one for you. With our sizable countrywide net work of hotels, airlines and car pools, we can firmly assure to deliver our safe and sound good quality ...  Read More »

River Rafting In MyanmarSoutheast Asia has a huge collection of rivers where monsoonal rains mean some excellent white water with rapids ranging anywhere from grade one to five. Although there are grade six rapids in parts of Southeast Asia, they are considered unnavigable and far too dangerous. Based on our exploratory first descents we are offering two totally different experiences. The Mayhka river is the most extreme multi-day river expedition offered on the planet. This is our “Everest of Rivers” and ...  Read More »

Eco-Tourism In MyanmarMyanmar's diverse forests and green landscapes which host a large variety of wildlife species, 7000 plants, 300 mammals, 360 reptiles and 1000 bird species, provide an ideal setting for nature-oriented and eco-tourism. Myanmar, originally named Burma is acknowleged as the "Golden Land" for its golden pagodas, natural resources, and various precious minerals. Myanmar is one of the most interesting countries to explore in Asia. Travel to Myanmar is a journey into a different geographic ...  Read More »

Buddhist Pilgrimages Tour In MyanmarAs Myanmar is known as the land of Pagoda and the most Buddhism flourishing country in South East Asia, the remains of many sacred sites, ancient cities, monumental religious edifices and architectural wonders are awaiting for pilgrims far and near around the globe. One can also taste or enjoy meditation guide by venerable monks to get spiritual peace of tranquality of mind away from anxiety or worries of life. Being centre of worship and pilgrimage today, you will always ...  Read More »

Birds Watching Tour In MyanmarEach year millions of birds fly south to Myanmar from their breeding grounds in the Northern Hemisphere to escape the cold winter weather of Sept - April. They stop to rest and feed in Asia. They then return to breed during the short summer of May - Aug. This process is called migration and the routes the birds travel along are called flyways. The East - Asia Australasian flyway is one of several flyway in the world. This East - Asia Australasian flyway contains a network of wetlands where birds ...  Read More »

Golf Tour In MyanmarMyanmar maintains unique golf courses most of them being built by the British during early 1900s but in excellent playable condition. As saying goes golfing in Myanmar is truly as oldies as goodies. The best time for golf tours are from October to May. Yangon and central Myanmar (Mandalay and Bagan) for all year round. Myanmar (Burma) anglicized since 1824; there is a long history in golf. The first golf course in Myanmar is located in the town of Thayet 225 mile from Yangon ...  Read More »

Traditional Wedding In MyanmarWedding customs in Myanmar vary according to ethnic groups. Especially country like Myanmar have different kinds of wedding ceremonies because we have varieties of creeds. Weddings in the metropolitans have parades or car for the wedding processions; full fledged band instruments such as trumpets and trombones, ferry lights all over the house which is naturally more expenses. These weddings are completely different from the traditional remote village weddings. They are ...  Read More »

Yoga, Meditation Tour In MyanmarOne month tourist visas are now available for Burma (now known as Myanmar). There are five meditation centers in Rangoon (Yangon) that cater very generously for foreign mediators, locally called yogis. They are mostly intensive Insight (Vipassana) Meditation centers in the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition. If you wish to practice for more than a month you will need to arrange a special meditation visa from the meditation centre beforehand. All the centers listed below have an ongoing meditation ...  Read More »

Rent A Car In MyanmarWe are here to render information you would like to know. We provide basic information of vehicle status of Myanmar. Silk Road Group will provide quality vehicle services in Myanmar and will make the trip valuable and enjoyable. Just let us know what you are looking for Silk Road Group will suggest the most suitable one for you. Whether your auto rental is for business or pleasure, always remember that having the right car for the same makes a lot of difference. Rent-A-Car have emerged ...  Read More »

Domestic Air Service In MyanmarMaynmar There are four major domestic airlines (Myanmar, Myanma Airways, Air Bagan, Yangon Airways and Air Mandalay) operate an extensive network of air service in the interior parts of Myanmar. With our well equipped ticketing staffs, we are always in the position of reserving and issuing the tickets to any of the domestic region of the country. Each airline operates different flight schedules depending on different seasons. To help you plan a comfortable holiday in Myanmar, we ...  Read More »

Internships Volunteers Works In MyanmarMyanmar (Burma) has a population of roughly 55 million comprising of more than 130 different ethnic groups. Majority of the population practices Buddhism. Its official language is the Burmese which is associated with Tibetan and Chinese languages. A great part of the Burmese culture is influenced by Buddhism including the arts, festivals, traditions, and customs. All interns selected to participate in this program will be given an orientation guide to help them understand the program, ...  Read More »

MICE Tourism  (Meeting Incentive Convention Event Myanmar) In MyanmarMyanmar is one destination that will fire up the imagination of your delegates. Some curious, some incredulous, some a little nervous, some still ambivalent but for once, you are going to bring excitement that will turn men and women into boys and girls. With our experienced, we offer a complete management service from inception to completion. We pride ourselves on our ability to package an entire event so as to minimize the amount of time & effort that our client is obliged to ...  Read More »

Fishing Tour In MyanmarIf you have plenty of time and loads of patient then Angling or Fishing could be a very interesting sport for you. Fishing is an Eco-friendly sport which require great patient and lots of time. This sport would not suite for those who are out of patience when they loose a fish or get tired while waiting for their catch. Irrawaddy dolphins live in marine and freshwater of Myanmar. They can be sighted in both coastal areas and Ayeyawady River. The Ayeyawady River is formerly known as ...  Read More »

Honeymoon Tour In MyanmarSo you're engaged...congratulations! One of the most fun parts about getting married is the planning that you could enjoy the honeymoon trip of a lifetime. And if you haven't even narrowed it down to a country, much less an island or a resort, or an exotic destination, don't worry-many (if not most!) honeymoon couples are in the same boat. Travel to Myanmar and celebrate your new life together on this luxurious and romantic journey into one of Asia's most fascinatingly ...  Read More »

Festivals Myanmar - BurmaThe Myanmar calendar subscribes to both the solar and lunar months, thus requiring an intercalary 30-day 13th month every second or third year. Therefore, the full moon days may change from one month to another in the usual calendar. The Myanmar months and the respective festivals are as follows. Asia and Myanmar is full of very colorful and deep rooted festivals. Just think about all this Chinese festivals, Thai festivals, Malaysian festivals, Philippine festivals and so on, celebrations, ...  Read More »

Places to Visit in MyanmarPeople often say that if you wanted to feel what it was like to live in Yangon 50 years ago, then visit Mawlamyine today! With its colonial buildings, wooden chevrolet buses and its leafy tropical coastal setting, Mawlamyine has a charm of its own distinct from any other town or city in Myanmar. There are also places of historical interest in and around Mawlmayine. Thanbyuzayat, 60 km south is the end of the line for the infamous Burma-Siam death railway where 100,000 people died in its ...  Read More »

General Information of Myanmar Myanmar sits at the crossroads of Asia's great civilizations of India and China, and looks out onto the vast Indian Ocean next to Thailand. One of South East Asia's largest and most diverse countries, Myanmar stretches from the sparkling islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range. To this day Myanmar remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world. A land of breathtaking beauty and ...  Read More »

About Adventure Silk Road Inc., KathmanduAdventure Silk Road group Inc. has since its creation in 1985 been striving to open up the remote areas of Nepal to visitorss whilst providing them with the best possible value of money. we boast to be the pioneer adventure and leisure Travel Company based in the Himalayan Kingdom Nepal running business for more than 20 years. We have helped uncountable visitors with their travel/tour needs inside Nepal as well as to the different parts of the Himalayan regions - Tibet & Bhutan  Read More »
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